44. Daniel Oberhaus Asks: If We Ever do Encounter Intelligent Alien Life, What Would Communication Look Like?

Daniel takes us through his recently published book Extraterrestrial Languages which aims to answer the question of, If we ever do encounter an intelligent Alien life, how exactly would we communicate with it and where would that process start? 

He walks us through the history of humanity’s many attempts to communicate with extraterrestrial life, the challenges in contemplating how we would even begin to communicate with said life, whether or not there is a universal language, how humans are currently attempting to communicate with extraterrestrial life, how long said communication would take and much more.

Daniel Oberhaus
Daniel Oberhaus

Daniel is a staff writer at Wired and is the author of the fascinating book Extraterrestrial Languages.

Photo credit: “Daniel Oberhaus (2015)”

More of Daniel’s Photos: https://www.flickr.com/people/163370954@N08/

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