54. Georges Benjamin: Establishing Sound Public Health Structures

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Our conversation spans establishing sound public health structures. 

As such we touch on:

  • What public health is
  • How public health aims to provide solutions to medical problems
  • What public health structures should look like in the future
  • Dr Benjamin’s 3 big ideas on what society could change today to make a positive impact on society’s health tomorrow. 

What are the 3 Big Things that you Believe society can focus on today that will make a big impact on our public health future?

  1. Invest in education 
  2. Focus on income inequality 
  3. Address mental health

“You know education. If I could take all the money in the world and dump it into the education system, it would solve so much. The second thing I would do is I would address income inequality. That would address my concerns around food and insecurity overall. And the third thing I would do is I would spend a lot of time thinking about how we can address mental health, because physical health has to be equal to mental health.

The first two are real big social determinants but if we help people with their mental health, it plays so much of a role in both physical health and one’s capacity to get up everyday and work hard and just navigate our society.

Those would be the top three things that I would do. You notice I didn’t put, there’s not a pill on the table or an operation in that. But if we could make people sustainable and give them the tools that they need to get by each and everyday, I think those would be the top three things that I would do. 

Dr. Georges Benjamin

Georges Benjamin
Georges Benjamin

Dr. Benjamin is the director of the American public health association and former secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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