57. Michelle Wilson: The National Fund For Workforce Solutions / Towards a More Equitable Workforce

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Our conversation today spans the National Fund For Workforce Solutions and their mission.

Michelle walks us through:

  • Common problems certain segments of the workforce might encounter when attempting to find work
  • The involved and dynamic nature of engineering solutions that allot workers access to decent jobs
  • The importance of utilizing data for optimal workforce solutions
  • The takeaways that you as the listener should consider in regards to designing a more equitable future as it relates to work.
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What are the 3 Big Ideas that you’ve taken away from working with the National Fund about this problem. What are the three things that people can focus on that will really alleviate this long term? 

“So the first is how we think about what we do next. Specifically making space to understand the structure of how good decisions are made, especially during times of uncertainty. And so again that requires defining the problem. Data helps. Having clear objectives for resolving it and being able to address why it’s important to address this particular problem.

I think the second big thing, it is a big thing whether it’s one or two, it’s being race explicit. And I mentioned that earlier. If we’ve learned anything in the last few weeks it’s about what’s happening when we turn a blind eye to the realities of our world and racism exists. So we just aren’t in a space where we can not make that critical to our work in an explicit way. And that’s a lot of work. So for that reason I would say I have two big ideas, there’s not a third, because I think spending time and energy one those two is a lot. So how we think about what we do next and being race explicit I think are really critical to our work and workforce development and beyond.”

Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson

Michelle is the Director of Evaluation and Learning at the National Fund for Workforce Solutions.

Photo by Swapnil Bhagwat on Unsplash

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