62. Robert Stone: A Documentary Filmmaker on Everything From Lessons Learned Behind the Camera to the Climate Crisis & Nuclear Energy

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Our conversation spans Robert’s time as a documentary filmmaker along with his thoughts on nuclear energy and the climate crisis. Covering:

  • The major themes prevalent throughout his documentaries
  • The lessons Robert has come to learn over his career
  • His advice for people who want to create films
  • Robert’s conversion from anti-nuclear energy to pro nuclear energy
  • The current and future states of climate change
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Robert Stone
Robert Stone

Robert has been nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy along with playing nearly every role you can on set. Serving at some point throughout his career as a writer, director, producer, editor and cameraman. He has produced notable documentaries such as Chasing the Moon , Cold War Road Show, Pandora’s Promise, and Radio Bikini.  

He is also a climate activist and co founder of Energy for Humanity,  a non profit based on solving climate Change with a focus on technology and energy.

Photos from Robert’s website. See the “More About Robert” link, above.

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