Running Question List

  1. Why do resource rich nations sometimes stay so poor, and what can be done about it?
  2. How far off are we from self aware AI, why?
  3. Are international banking and commerce the lynchpins behind world peace? 
  4. What to do about the student loan crisis and the high cost of college
  5. How can the United States improve its immigration system? Are solutions to immigration as simple as we think? 
  6. Why is it so difficult to get into orbit, what factors must aerospace engineers account for, and why haven’t X-Wing fighters and Halo-type spacecraft become a thing yet? 
  7. Arguments for and against the electoral college. 
  8. Why aren’t societies moving on the climate crisis? And how do we get them to do so? 
  9. GINI, GDP, HDI and all the other economic acronyms. What is the best metric to measure a nation?  
  10. Will there ever be a day when humans needn’t work due to advances in technology, or will we be toiling away for millennia to come? 
  11. Has the economics profession become too mathematic? 
  12. Is homelessness inevitable, and if not how did it become so prevalent and how do we remedy it? 
  13. How to best resolve tensions with Iran?
  14. How should Facebook further navigate its dilemma regarding speech?
  15. Why is nascent stage growth in an emerging market economic grow rapid, only to inevitably slow down?
  16. What changes, if any, need to be made to central banking and monetary policy going forward?
  17. What to do about the skyrocketing price of rent?
  18. Music Theory and Neuroscience: Why are different chord progressions and musical signatures perceived as different emotions in humans? (Question posed by genomics professor David Liberles)
  19. What are tenable solutions to the student debt crisis?
  20. Are corporations required to take a public stand on matters of civil unrest or moral shortcomings?

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