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71. Stefan Schnitzer: How Humanity Benefits From Investing in Basic Research

Stefan is an ecologist and biologist who gave a Tedx talk discussing the importance of basic research in the sciences. We get Stefan’s perspective on just why investing early and investing big into scientific research is crucial for humanity’s long term success. Ideally convincing you of this perspective as well. Photo by Mark Hang Fung So on Unsplash

70. Drew Perkins: Mojo Vision / Visions of Changing the World / Drew’s Inspiring Ideas

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation today is split into two parts. The first is on Mojo Vision the company, their upcoming product the mojo lens, a smart contact lens that will allot humans, both with and without vision impairments, the ability to see further in a number of ways. Along with covering the concept of […]

69. Scott Kelly: 3 Big Ideas from a former Astronaut, fighter Pilot, & U.S Navy Captain.

For audio, scroll down. My guest today is former astronaut Scott Kelly.  Scott gives us the three lessons he’s come to learn from his career.  He discusses with us the importance of things such as: Finding your inspiration Focusing on what you have control over and ignoring what you don’t The wide scope of human […]

68. Diane Mulcahy: The Gig Economy. A Concise Overview on What it is & How to Thrive in it.

For audio, scroll down. We discuss Diane’s book The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time off, and Financing the Life you Want. Diane takes us through: What exactly the gig economy is and why it has come to be Why the gig economy could actually be better than our […]

67. Paul Ceruzzi: A Brief History of Modern Computing

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation today spans Paul’s book Computing, a Concise History. Taking listeners through a brief history of computation and its development. We cover what Paul considers to be the  four threads that run throughout computing’s development What the key watershed moments in modern computing history were that lead to breakthrough advances in […]

66. Jim Taylor: Achieving Success in Athletics and in Everyday Life

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation spans sports psychology and Jim’s philosophy on it. He covers: Common performance obstacles The difficulty and rewards in working towards your goals, regardless of your outcome The importance of identity and accurate motivation in achieving your goals Jim’s big ideas on how anyone can begin to improve on what […]

64. Frank Martela: On Finding Meaning in Life

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation spans the daunting question: What is the meaning of life. Frank takes us through highlights and insights from his book A Wonderful Life: Insights for Finding a Meaningful Existence and explains to us along the way how finding meaning can be boiled down to focusing on a select number of […]

63. Christie Aschwanden: Good to Go / How to Optimize Your Athletic Recovery

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation spans Christie’s book: Good to Go, What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn About the Strange Science of Recovery.  Christie takes us through her book all the while unearthing the many things athletes can do to stave off injury and maintain long term health.  We discuss the […]

62. Robert Stone: A Documentary Filmmaker on Everything From Lessons Learned Behind the Camera to the Climate Crisis & Nuclear Energy

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation spans Robert’s time as a documentary filmmaker along with his thoughts on nuclear energy and the climate crisis. Covering: The major themes prevalent throughout his documentaries The lessons Robert has come to learn over his career His advice for people who want to create films Robert’s conversion from anti-nuclear […]

61.Gerardo Ceballos: Vertebrates on the Brink

For audio, scroll down. Gerardo walks us through findings from his much reported on recent coauthored paper: Vertebrates on the Brink As Indicators of Biological Annihilation and the Sixth Mass Extinction, which, do not worry he breaks that all down for us.  He explains: What a mass extinction is and how they’re determined Why they […]

60. Alexander Rose: The Long Now & The 10,000 Year Clock

For audio, scroll down. Alexander takes us through: His journey to The Long Now What The Long Now Foundation is and what their goals are His work on a 10,000 year clock currently being assembled within a mountain in West Texas His 3 Big Ideas on what society should consider and think about as it […]

59. Azra Raza: The First Cell / A New Focus in the Fight Against Cancer

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation spans Dr. Raza’s acclaimed book The First Cell: And the Human Costs of Pursuing Cancer to the Last Azra helps make both a passionate and informed argument for how and why the way society currently attempts to alleviate the plight of cancer needs to shift.  We discuss everything from […]

58. Walter Matweychuk: REBT, Stoicism, & A Guidebook for Life

For audio, scroll down. Dr. Matweychuk adheres to, and practices, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Our discussion spans: The practice of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Stoicism How REBT differs from other forms of therapy How REBT relates to practices and teachings from stoicism Key takeaways from REBT and stoicism that we as listeners can […]

57. Michelle Wilson: The National Fund For Workforce Solutions / Towards a More Equitable Workforce

For audio, scroll down. Our conversation today spans the National Fund For Workforce Solutions and their mission. Michelle walks us through: Common problems certain segments of the workforce might encounter when attempting to find work The involved and dynamic nature of engineering solutions that allot workers access to decent jobs The importance of utilizing data […]

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